Innovation Pioneer RobotLAB Proudly Announces Expanded Software and Updated Technology for Award-winning Pepper Robot

Leading Robotics Integrator Delivers Evolving Business Solutions as Robotic Investments Increase within Critical U.S. Industries

An Electric New Era for Atlas

Our new electric Atlas platform is here. Supported by decades of visionary robotics innovation and years of practical experience, Boston Dynamics is tackling the next commercial frontier.

Crown Digital Spearheads the Future of AI in F&B with Ella the Robobarista at AIM Global

Ella the Robot Barista Leaves Imprints in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur to Shape Global AI Guidelines, Sets Sights on Participating in Asia Pacific Industry Conferences

Teledyne introduces radiometric version of its compact thermal camera core

Developed and manufactured in Canada, the small and lightweight MicroCalibir platform is the result of the latest advances made by Teledyne DALSA's integration of their in-house 12 μm microbolometer pixel technology with a deep-ADC ROIC circuit.


One of the Most Anticipated Technologies Now Has a Dedicated Research Journal

Mentee Robotics Unveils MenteeBot: A Humanoid Robot That Integrates AI Across All Operational Layers

For the first time, Mentee Robotics demonstrates a complete end-to-end cycle - from a verbal command to complex task completion including navigation, locomotion, scene understanding, object detection and localization, grasping, and natural language understanding.

XPONENTIAL 2024 Launches Next Week in San Diego

Pertinent keynotes, defense programming, international participation, and a start-up pavilion will move the autonomous and robotics industry forward

Teledyne FLIR IIS announces a new stereo vision product for high accuracy robotics applications

Bumblebee X is the latest GigE powered stereo imaging solution that delivers on high-accuracy and low-latency for robotic guidance and pick & place applications

Pudu Robotics Releases Catering and Retail Service Robot, BellaBot Pro, With New AI, Safety and Marketing Capabilities

The global service robotics leader upgrades its flagship smart service robot to meet growing customer demand across the world

Amsterdam Drone Week Announces Strategic Partnership with Commercial UAV Expo

In a landmark move, Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) has announced the re-establishment of the strategic partnership with Commercial UAV Expo, underscoring their commitment to fostering collaboration for the advancement of the industry.

Avidbots Launches Smaller Autonomous Cleaning Robot, Driving Growth and Expansion Into New Markets

Kas is an innovative cleaning solution tailor-made for tight spaces and dynamic, commercial environments.

Unlock Peak Automation Efficiency with Mencom at Automate 2024

Experience a new level of industrial connector excellence at the Mencom Corporation booth #4084 at Automate 2024, May 6-9 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Fostering Innovation: The Keys to Success

In a world that's always evolving, innovation is how we keep up, grow, and thrive. So, when we talk about nurturing innovation, we're really talking about fuelling the very essence of human progress and hope.

Rainbow Robotics unveils RB-Y1, Korea's first bimanual mobile manipulator

- In March, "2024 Smart Factory Automation Industry Exhibition (SF+AW 2024)" was first released to the public - Posting various performance videos of bimanual mobile manipulator in the form of humanoids on YouTube channels

Remote robotic assisted surgery system tested aboard the International Space Station

maxon's components are integral in the spaceMIRA surgical robot, which recently completed its first demo test surgeries in zero gravity on the International Space Station. Six doctors took turns controlling the device from Earth.

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To maximize the productivity of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) deployment, it's critical to create the optimal environment that allows the vehicles to perform at their peak. For that reason, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® ( created the TriGard® ESD Ultra finish for its ResinDek® engineered flooring panels. The TriGard ESD Ultra finish is ideal for high-traffic robotic applications characterized by highly repetitive movement patterns and defined travel paths.