Agriculture Robots Market is projected to surpass USD 80 billion revenue by 2032

Farmers and agricultural enterprises are embracing robotic solutions to optimize crop production while reducing environmental impact. These technologies enable precision agriculture, efficient resource utilization, and eco-friendly farming.

How robots touch on the future of agriculture

One thing robot researchers are trying to mechanize is the human sense of touch. Sheeraz Athar, one of She's PhD students, is changing the game by re-thinking how touch works.

Canvas, World's First Robotic Drywall Finishing Company, Launches the 1200CX

Years of development and customer feedback has resulted in the 1200CX, Canvas' new compact, all-wheel drive machine optimized for small spaces

Skild AI Raises $300M Series A To Build A Scalable AI Foundation Model For Robotics

Series A funding values Skild AI at $1.5B. Round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, SoftBank Group and Bezos Expeditions. Company founded by pioneers in the field of self-supervised and adaptive robotics.

Geo Week and Reality Capture Network Announce Strategic Partnership

Reality Capture Network will host a dedicated conference track at Geo Week in Denver, CO

Plus One Robotics Accelerates Market Expansion with New Leadership and Strategic Focus

Industry Leader in AI-Powered Robotic Automation Appoints New President to Drive Sales and Go-to-Market Initiatives

A2Z Drone Delivery Upgrades RDSX Pelican Delivery Drone in Move Towards US Manufacturing

Its updated flight controller will enable the hybrid VTOL to more easily integrate with third party payloads and software systems, and is an important step towards the company's goal of manufacturing the Pelican in the United States.

Robotics: the next evolution in the operating room

Medical technology relies on FAULHABER not only in robot-supported procedures. For example, drive systems are used in implantable heart pumps, surgical hand tools, in ophthalmology, in cosmetics and in medical imaging and image processing.

FlytBase and Frontier Precision Partner to Deploy Docking Stations at Scale

Deploying an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution for enterprise operations is a complex undertaking. It demands the careful selection of various hardware and software components tailored to specific use cases.

Strawberry Harvesting Robot- Ripe for the Future

While the current focus is on strawberries, the system is designed to be scalable and adaptable to other crops, such as tomatoes or peppers, offering a versatile solution for farmers.

FLIR Unveils ADGiLE to Detect and Locate Methane Leaks with Robust Continuous Monitoring and Advanced Analytics

Automated Methane Monitoring Solution with OGI by FLIR delivers 24/7 Coverage of Methane Production, Transmission and Storage Infrastructure

Serve Robotics Announces Expanded Los Angeles Delivery, Extended Lidar Supply Agreement

-Delivery service now covers Koreatown, Los Angeles -Expanded supply agreement signed to equip 2,000 robots with upgraded lidar hardware to support scaling of robotic fleet

PCB Line Spacing: A Comprehensive Breakdown for High Voltage Applications

As PCBs become more complicated, more precise measurements and spacing are required. This article explains PCB line spacing, tracing, clearance, and creepage.


Featuring Four-Door Design and Six Wheels with Independent Suspension, LG's Latest CLOi ServeBot Provides Safe and Reliable Delivery.

Autonomous Technology that is Shaping the World of Delivery

Arrive AI puts autonomous technology for delivery in the spotlight

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Knight Optical - Unlocking Precision for the Robotics and Automation Revolution

Knight Optical - Unlocking Precision for the Robotics and Automation Revolution

In the era of Industry 4.0, automation and machine learning drive the future. Knight Optical stands at the forefront, collaborating globally to supply precision optical components that power the robotics and automation sector. From UAVs, drones, and robotics to machine vision, LiDAR-driven car sensors, and renewable energy, our optics empower innovation. Optical components play an important role within the industry, including: Optical windows and domes safeguard systems in unmanned vehicles while preserving the field of view for cameras. Infrared lenses with aspheric surfaces elevate thermal imaging. Optical filters excel in machine vision, with colour glass, interference, and dichroic filters in our stock. Knight Optical provides stock components and custom solutions made to your exact specs. With every component undergoing rigorous metrology and QA checks before shipment, you are sure to experience true precision, innovation, and assurance.