Co-Learning of Task and Sensor Placement for Soft Robotics

Deep-learning technique optimizes the arrangement of sensors on a robot's body to ensure efficient operation.

Case Study: Grippers from Zimmer Group Automate a Cleaning Machine for Sterile Glass Vials

The introduction of modern automation technology into the sensitive production areas of pharmaceutical and medical technology was rapid. However, the conditions for the entry of systems, components and robots into this sector are anything but easy to meet.

The Motors Inside Industrial Autonomous Robots

ISL Products International Ltd. takes a look at how different types of motors are utilized in Autonomous Robots

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Robot for Warehouse Automation

Stretch's mobile base allows it to go to where repetitive box lifting is required - unloading trucks, building pallets of boxes and order building. Stretch makes warehouse operations more efficient and safer for workers.

COVID-19 and Robotics: How the Past Year Transformed Automation

As life drastically changed and businesses were forced to operate in new ways, robots were not only leveraged to adapt to current circumstances, but to prepare for those to come.

ACEINNA and Point One Navigation Launch OpenARC for Precise Positioning in Agriculture, Construction, Mapping, Surveying, Robotics and Trucking

The Industry's most affordable, accurate and easy to use complete positioning solution for autonomous vehicles is now available for OEMs and Machine Makers

Vaarst launches to drive the future of marine robotics through data focus

Launching today, robotics technology player Vaarst will give offshore and marine robotics new capabilities through retrofitted artificial intelligence and autonomy.

TCL Deploys ForwardX AMRs for World's First 5G-Enabled AMR Project

The 5G+ Initiative deployed Max 300 Lift AMRs for autonomous material handling

Allied Electronics & Automation partners with Colorado State University Robotics Team for NASA Moon Mining Competition

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Allied provides a monetary grant to the team, access to critical components and parts, and advice from Allied's in-house engineering experts to assist CSU's team in developing a lunar mining vehicle for the NASA competition.

Airwayz AI-based systems to support world's first mesh network drone delivery test

• The pilot program sees drone flight tests in Hadera, Israel • Event will test delivery scenarios but also serve as a proof point for scaling-up drone operations in mapping and surveillance

ProMatDX to Showcase Key Manufacturing and Supply Chain Equipment and Technologies

First ever digital ProMat expo will offer critical insight into leading trends building supply chain resilience including robotics, AI and IIoT

Mobile Robots - A Growing Trend Towards Digitization World

Increasing demand for mobile robots for a range of applications across various industries is a major factor expected to continue to drive growth of the global mobile robots market.

AutoStore Unveils Innovation Hub to Test and Replicate Supply Chain Environments

The test center located in Karmøy, Norway, can replicate hot and cold weather conditions as well as simulate earthquakes

Growth in the Automation of Distribution and Fulfillment Industry

Many production areas are already extremely short on space, so having a design that allows for streamlined goods-to-person capability is a game-changer. These benefits are combined with our best-in-class energy consumption.

Sustainable Supply Chains in the Era of Industry 4.0

Because supply chains consume resources on a large scale, they are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the world's carbon emissions.

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Mobile & Service Robots - Featured Product

With TUG you can achieve True Automation.

With TUG you can achieve True Automation.

TUG automatically picks up and drops off carts, eliminating the labor that would otherwise be needed to load the robot. It also communicates with your IT system to automate the dispatching of the robot fleet and update the inventory system when materials are moved.