eYs3D Launches One-Stop XINK Development Platform for Vision-Equipped Robots

The Platform-as-a-Service Uses SoM (System on Module) with the New 4 Multi-Core ARM CPU and 4.6 TOPS AI Data Processor to Speed Design

Owl Autonomous Imaging Launches Monocular 3D Thermal RangerTM Computer Vision for ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

-Auto Makers, OEMs and ADAS System Developers can now quickly & affordably add Thermal 2D & 3D Imaging to their ADAS Sensor Suites -Critical for pedestrian safety, Owl's 3D Thermal Ranger™ enables object identification and ranging in complete darkness or in blinding light

Geo Week Keynote Announced: How Ready is the AEC Industry for Digitalization?

Putting AEC's digital revolution in the spotlight at Geo Week 2023

Ouster and Cyngn Sign Strategic Agreement to Deliver Digital Lidar-Powered Autonomy Technology to Industrial Vehicles

Cyngn DriveMod-enabled Stockchaser to be on display in Ouster booth #6541 at CES 2023

Addverb and Velociti Alliance Partner to Bring Innovative Futuristic Automation to Convenience and Grocery Intralogistics

New Partnership Offers Integrated Solutions for Picking, Packing, and Batching Orders

5 Innovative Microrobotics Applications

The field of microrobotics deals with miniaturized robotic machines at the millimeter scale. People are particularly excited about how these microrobotics applications could achieve things larger machines can't. Here are five exciting ways they can push the boundaries.

Force of Habit: BitFlow CoaXPress Frame Grabber Used by Research Team to Determine Habituation Model

In order to monitor the habituation process, each fish was recorded by the Mikrotron camera for one hour at 560 frames per second (fps) as it was being exposed to complete darkness alternated with bright LED lighting and acoustic tapping.

2022 Top Article - What Is Multipath Interference? How to Minimize It in Time-of-flight Cameras?

Multipath interference is one of the biggest challenges faced in time of flight cameras. In this article, learn what multipath interference means, and the 3 methods you can use to minimize it.

Application of robots for material handling

• The use of robotic transport platforms is more popular, but there is still a lack of knowledge about mobile handling robots. • Robots for material handling are a growing trend and Robotnik is one of the pioneers in the development and manufacture of these robots.

2022 Top Article - Wireless Charging Enables Industry 4.0 Implementation with Mobile Robots

The latest wireless charging solutions use techniques based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When an alternating current is passed through an induction coil on the transmitter side, an oscillating magnetic field is created.

2022 Top Article - How Tesla Used Robotics to Survive "Production Hell" and Became the World's Most Advanced Car Manufacturer

Tesla's automation strategy has shifted over the last five years. By investigating where Tesla made mistakes and where it excelled, the reader will benefit from Tesla's hard-earned lessons and gain an understanding of how to build an automation strategy.

Upgraded Ensenso 3D camera series now available at IDS

Resolution and accuracy have almost doubled, the price has remained the same - those who choose 3D cameras from the Ensenso N series can now benefit from more advanced models. The new stereo vision cameras (N31, N36, N41, N46) can now be purchased from IDS Imaging Development Systems.

Yale honored for lift truck technologies designed to support safety, productivity and sustainability

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has been named a 2022 Top Software and Technology Provider by Food Logistics magazine.

North American Robot Sales On Track For Another Record Year for 2022

Association for Advancing Automation latest quarterly stats show 35,804 robots ordered between January and September, a big jump over same period in 2021

Cobalt Robotics Announces Industry First Robot Integration with Envoy Workplace Platform

New visitor management integration allows Cobalt's autonomous robots to provide seamless visitor sign-in and document verification

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ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Robotic Platforms

ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Robotic Platforms

We know that the durability and condition of floors are important for optimal performance of AGV's and AMR's. Coefficient of friction, surface roughness, floor flatness, gloss, and wear can all affect the ability of robots to run at their peak performance. That's why we go to great lengths to extensively test internally and send our products to be evaluated by independent laboratories as well as the robotic manufacturers. In addition, we can customize the finish for any specification required.