Complete guide to manipulator robots: benefits and applications

Robot manipulators are robotic systems designed to perform physical manipulation tasks, such as lifting, moving and placing objects in different industrial environments without the need for direct contact by an operator. These traditional industrial manipulators consist, typically, of an articulated mechanical arm that is fixedly installed in the desired location and can be controlled autonomously or teleoperated by a human operator. The manipulator arm will also carry an end tool (end effector) depending on the application. End tools can be vacuum grippers, grippers, robotic hand, screwdriver, or advanced vision / scanning systems, among others. Nowadays, when talking about manipulator robots, we no longer understand only the manipulator arm fixed in a static way, but mobile manipulation appears as an advanced development arising from the integration of a manipulator arm and a mobile robotic platform. Robotnik is one of the pioner manufacturers in mobile manipulator robots. Check out some keys for this advanced robots.

Free downloadable material on robotics: e-books and whitepapers

Robotnik has developed some free material for the robotics community. Currently you can download eBooks on robotics, R&D, interviews, technological trends, use cases and more. Find also the whitepaper where the company has clasified the mobile robots and manipulators availables to execute autonomous tasks in each industry.

Unleashing Mobile Surveillance: The Power of Security Robots

The number of companies that are committed to the gradual integration of mobile robotics solutions for surveillance and security tasks is experiencing a significant boom that increases every year. Mobile surveillance robots offer a wide range of applications, from intrusion detection to protecting assets, infrastructure, and people. Beyond their surveillance capacity, they have tangible advantages such as cost reduction and greater specialization of security personnel. It's been a year since Robotnik launched its robot specifically designed for surveillance and inspection, RB-WATCHER. In recent months, we've seen how autonomous mobile robotics has become part of the operational strategy in terms of surveillance, inspection and maintenance of so many companies that are committed to innovation.

Point One Navigation Enables Fast Development of cm-Accurate Smart GNSS Antenna Systems

Calian cut its time to market for its new Smart Antenna by two-thirds with Polaris' industry-leading RTK network and ease of integration.

Tiburon Subsea Introduces Advanced Underwater Robotic Technology

JETTE is a pioneering in-line dual vectored subsea robotic controlled propulsion system designed to meet the evolving demands within the underwater robotics market.

Sneaker and Sportswear Retailer's New Mezzanine and Ground Floor Feature ResinDek Robotic Flooring

As directed by the facility's warehouse management software (WMS), a fleet of 142 AMRs continuously delivers mobile shelves to associates at workstations equipped with light directed picking modules on both floors.

LUCID Adds Dual Extended-Head Camera to its Phoenix GigE PoE Camera Family

The Phoenix Dual Extended-Head camera seamlessly transmits synchronized images from its dual 5.0 MP sensors, catering to a diverse range of applications that require a wider Field of View (FoV).

XPONENTIAL 2024 Concludes with 10% Surge in Attendance

Premier technology event showcases unprecedented advancements in autonomy, robotics, & uncrewed systems

Special Agents: Chemical Weapons Disposal Done Right

The M55 rocket stockpile was successfully destroyed without any major incidents. With so many complex systems, processes, and disposal procedures, the Robosuits played a key role in ensuring that all of the careful planning and timing would not be disrupted.


XTEND and its XOS operating system are unlocking the potential of robots and drones by empowering them with AI and partnering them with humans - providing them with the 'common sense' to navigate the unpredictable nature of real-world situations.

Lucid Bots Inc. Raises $9M Series A to Scale Productive Robotics Solutions

-Innovative robotics company has pioneered an efficient, scalable process to build modular robotic platforms that serve customers by automating dangerous, labor-intensive tasks -Cubit Capital leads round joined by The Idea Fund Partners, Danu Venture Group, and Y Combinator's Growth Fund

Rainbow Robotics begins pre-orders of Bimanual Mobile Manipulator RB-Y1, the world's first research platform for AI experts for $80,000 USD

During the pre-order period, the research platform is sold for $80,000 USD and the commercial platform is sold for $120,000 USD (VAT excluded). Products are scheduled to be delivered sequentially starting in October.

Pio Brings Warehouse Robotics System to the U.S. to Automate Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment for E-Commerce Brands

Created by AutoStore, Pio's P100 plug-and-play automated warehouse system is being installed at five U.S. locations to enable same-day order processing for small-to-midsize businesses

LUCID Vision Labs Honored by 2024 VSD Innovators Awards

This year, LUCID Vision Labs stood out with two of its cutting-edge machine vision cameras receiving recognition. The Triton HDR camera, featuring AltaView on-camera tone mapping, received a "Gold Award," while the Triton2 - 2.5GigE camera was recognized with a "Silver Award."

Agility Robotics and Zion Solutions Group Shape the Future of Supply Chain with Industry-First Partnership

Zion is the first systems integrator to offer a humanoid robotics solution for connecting isolated islands of automation in warehouse operations

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To maximize the productivity of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) deployment, it's critical to create the optimal environment that allows the vehicles to perform at their peak. For that reason, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® ( created the TriGard® ESD Ultra finish for its ResinDek® engineered flooring panels. The TriGard ESD Ultra finish is ideal for high-traffic robotic applications characterized by highly repetitive movement patterns and defined travel paths.