DESTACO Introduces Portfolio of Cobot Tooling Solutions

Simple Off-The-Shelf Tooling Solutions with Ease of installation highlight benefits for users in growing robot market

Forklift Safety: AGVs to the Rescue

As a relatively new addition to site operations, standards and data on AGV safety are still developing, but some AGV manufacturers are going above and beyond the minimum requirements to help ensure accident-free operations.

Avidbots Neo Cleaning Robot Used by Many of the Newly Named Top Cleanest Global Airports

The use of Avidbots' autonomous floor scrubbing robot, Neo, has saved thousands of hours of labor for some of the world's cleanest airports.

12 Ways Companies Are Automating Workflows With Mobile Robots

AMRs can pick up waste (scrap material, packaging, manufacturing by-products) from various points throughout the facility and automatically take it to the nearest waste disposal zone.

Kivnon to introduce its latest edition of K55 forklift AGV at Advanced Factories 2023

At Advanced Factories this year, which runs from 18-20th April in Barcelona, Kivnon will highlight one of the latest additions to its AGV portfolio, the K55 Pallet Stacker. Kivon's range of AGVs is renowned for robustness, safety, and accuracy, and this new addition to the portfolio provides customers with a vehicle that can automatically transport stack pallets.

Oxbotica and Google Cloud Unite to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Driving Solutions

• The deal will allow Oxbotica to bring its vision for autonomous driving to life, by helping it deploy and scale its operating system in the cloud for autonomous vehicles worldwide • Using Google Cloud, Oxbotica will accelerate its ability to analyse and model vast amounts of data from multiple scenarios in its AI-powered metaverse • The collaboration can also boost the real-world impact of vehicle autonomy, with potential use-cases such as autonomous public transportation to reduce congestion in city centres

Synergy launches future of warehouse automation connectivity

This latest technological differentiator from Synergy Logistics facilitates a much more efficient and adaptable warehouse that accelerates integration and gives customers the freedom to choose robotic and automation devices that best fit specific operational needs and can futureproof the business and workforce needs.....

LUCID Launches Triton2 - 2.5GigE Camera Family Redefining the Base GigE Transfer Rate

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of unique and innovative industrial vision cameras, today announced the launch of its new Triton2 camera family featuring a 2.5GigE interface and the latest Sony Pregius S sensors.

Consumers are Ready for a Robot-Assisted World

Leveraging innovations in machine intelligence, environmental sensing and automation, leading technology manufacturers are now selling a variety of autonomous mobile robots capable of assisting consumer-facing workers with an approachable, friendly design.

RobotLAB Proudly Announces Robot Collaboration With LG Business Solutions USA

The Innovative Robotics Company Will Support Expanded Deployment of LG's Commercial Robot Portfolio

ForwardX Robotics Offering a Chance to Win a Free Fleet of Robots

ForwardX Robotics will give away a 10-AMR system to the winning US company.

Techman Robot's TM20, the Lightest High-payload AI Cobot Robotic Arm

Built-in vision and light weight provide next generation production efficiency

AMRs in Fleet Operation and Test Deployment

Manufacturing companies are turning to AMR support in increasing numbers, not just on a small scale, but the interest in entire AMR fleets is gaining significant traction.

GreyOrange Multiagent Orchestration Platform Aligns with Prediction Research from Gartner®

Research from Gartner® predicts companies will need an orchestration platform for assigning work to specific-functioning robots based on near-real-time information

CoEvolution's U.S. launch held at PROMAT, Chicago 2023

CoEvolution is making its PROMAT debut, launching its innovative multi-robot orchestration software onto the U.S. stage and making waves in the North American smart logistics market, with plans to secure new partnerships, expand its customer base, and establish a new office in the U.S.

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Mobile Robots - Featured Product

Milvus Robotics - Moving the World Forward with Material Handling

Milvus Robotics - Moving the World Forward with Material Handling

Enhance your material transport capabilities - even in the busiest warehouse or production environments - with SEIT robots. Made by Milvus Robotics, these reliable and safe AMRs efficiently move materials with no human intervention required. They work seamlessly alongside people, forklifts, and other equipment. Requiring no infrastructure, SEIT robots are suitable for a range of manufacturing environments, distribution centers and more.