Cloud Robotics: A Perspective

This blog post details GAJAMOHAN MOHANARAJAH, CEO of Rapyuta Robotic perspective of Cloud Robotics presented at the Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2019 Workshop, Messe Freiburg, Germany on 2019-06-23.

Top Article from 2019 - How Robotics & IoT Help Sustain Triple Bottom Line

When most think of sustainability in business, the concept of green processes is not always top of mind. However, incorporating technology, and more specifically robotics and cloud connected devices, creates a secondary sustainability effect that is markedly more streamlined

Tend's Smart Cloud Robotics Platform

Tend in.view™ (which stands for "intelligent view") software is a cloud-based robot performance management solution. It lets users remotely monitor and analyze the performance of their production robots in real time, from any location, via their mobile device.

Report: Cyberattacks on Industrial Robots

Trend Micro recently released the first in-depth, hands-on research that demonstrates the extent to which industrial robots can be compromised.

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Low-voltage fault protection/detection, 12Ω RON, dual SPST switch

Low-voltage fault protection/detection, 12Ω RON, dual SPST switch

Analog Devices ADG7421F Dual Single-Pole/Single-Throw Switch features overvoltage protection, power-off protection, and overvoltage detection on the source pins. When no power supplies are present, the switch remains in the off condition, and the inputs are high impedance.