PACK EXPO was held from September 25th - 27th in Las Vegas. This Special Tradeshow report aims to bring you news, articles and products from this years event.

Special Tradeshow Coverage for PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Brandon Hetherington for | - Special Tradeshow Coverage of PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Designed to power innovation across the industry, PACK EXPO Las Vegas will be North America’s largest packaging trade show in 2017.



This exciting event features:

  • A marketplace of 2,000+ exhibitors showcasing the latest packaging equipment and technologies
  • Solutions for virtually every vertical market
  • Free education in venues on the show floor  
  • Pavilions for Containers and Materials, Confectionery and Reusable Packaging

PACK EXPO Las Vegas will attract 30,000 attendees, including C-level executives, engineers, plant managers, research and development, brand and marketing managers, quality controllers, specifiers, purchasers and packaging designers from a wide variety of prominent consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) and retailers.


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This article will assist you in finding what you are interested in at PACK EXPO 2017.


At PACK EXPO 2017:

Education on the Show Floor:   There’s so much to see at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, you won’t want to leave the show floor—but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the educational opportunities. Educational venues on the show floor make it convenient to take time out, learn something new—and perhaps even rest your feet.
Search Sessions:  Check the schedule of free sessions on the show floor.
In-Booth Demos:  See which exhibitors are offering demonstrations and when.
Student Opps:  Discover great programs for engineering students.
Innovation Stage:  Innovation Stage features 30-minute seminars on exciting new technologies and tactics.
Amazing Packaging Race:  Teams of engineering students race to solve challenges at exhibitors’ booths.

Future Innovators Robotics Showcase:  The thrill of sports together with the excitement of science and technology!  Robotics teams from Las Vegas area high schools will be showcasing their design, engineering and troubleshooting skills in the Central Hall Lobby.  Come watch these cool demonstrations and feel free to ask questions!  


Risk Assessment Workshop:  PMMI’s hands-on workshop will prepare you to conduct a successful risk assessment, meeting international safety standard requirements.  

Visit Sponsors at the show:

igus - Booth #S-6307


SAS Automation, LLC - Booth #S-7964



Omron Automation - Booth #C-4305



Harmonic Drive LLC - Booth #S-6010

Festo - Booth #C-5408

Oriental Motor Corp. USA - Booth #C-5646

Universal Robots USA - Booth #S-8257

Dorner Mfg. Corp. - Booth #S-6377

Encoder Products Company - Booth #S-5835

Epson Robots - Booth #S-6372

Staubli Corporation - Booth #S-5956

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. / MEAU - Booth #C-3636

Emulate3D Inc. - Booth #S-7527

Intelligrated - Booth #C-3906

KEBA Corp. - Booth #S-5908

Denso Robotics - Booth #S-6377


Check out our Special Newspage devoted to this years Show.

Check out our Partners in our PACK EXPO Product Spotlight.

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